Immunity & Defense- Turkey Tail

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Turkey Tail mushroom, rich in immune-boosting beta-glucans, boasts some of the highest content among functional mushrooms. Revered for centuries and widely researched, it's now recognized for its profound health benefits. Large-scale clinical trials demonstrate impressive outcomes, particularly in cancer research.

100% Organic Turkey Tail Extract

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1g (1/2tsp)
Organic Turkey Tail Extract 1000mg
Beta- (1,3) (1,6)- glucans 450mg

Serving Size: 1g (1/2tsp)

Incorporating mushroom extracts couldn't be simpler—just blend the suggested dosage into your tea, coffee, smoothie, or even your dishes.


• Supports the Immune System
• Supports a Healthy Inflammation Response
• Protects DNA from Damage
• Supports Gut Health
• Supports Liver Health

Turkey Tail mushroom's heritage is steeped in ancient medicinal traditions. Indigenous cultures, notably in Asia, have harnessed its potential health advantages for centuries. In traditional Chinese medicine, it's revered as Yunzhi, and in Japan, it goes by Kawaratake. These rich cultural narratives reinforce its enduring renown as a formidable immune enhancer and holistic well-being promoter.

Its resurgence in popularity traces back to 2011 when renowned mycologist Paul Stamets delivered a compelling Ted Talk. Stamets shared his mother's inspiring journey battling cancer and the remarkable healing potential of Turkey Tail. This captivating narrative breathed new life into the ancient wisdom surrounding this extraordinary mushroom.

Key Ingredients

Indulge in the essence of Organic Tremella mushrooms, extracts are made from 100% mushroom fruiting body.
This vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO product guarantees over 45% Beta-glucans, free from added starch, mycelium, or grains.

Turkey Tail boasts an exceptionally high concentration of beneficial beta-d glucans, surpassing all other medicinal mushrooms. These special polysaccharides have the unique capacity to support and regulate our immune systems.

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